Rain of Stars

Look, I speak this language and everything, but I still have no idea why the kids called tonight’s big summer camp talent pagent Ploaia de Stele, or Rain of Stars. Maybe it’s supposed to be translated as Stars’ Rain. I don’t know. The point is, it was hilarious.

The competition begins with each contestant performing a poem written moments before introducing themselves to the judges. Most poems go something like this (but it rhymes in Romanian): “Daniella is my name/Floresti is my town/I’m in cabin number 4/I am optomistic and happy/I love to sing and dance/My friends are beautiful/I love you all.” Hilarious, although slightly tedious after the umpteenth reiteration.

Of the twenty-ish competitors, only two were boys, one of whom had a girl perform his intro-poem for him. It should have counted against him, but, weirdly, it didn’t because she was so adorable. The only line I remember is, “I love his name and you will too, Nicolae!” I laughed, only because probably 20 percent of the kids here are named Nicolae.

The pressure was too much for some of the competitors. Two girls dissolved into tears when they couldn’t remember their poems. I clapped loudly for them, but only the cute male counselor could get them to calm down. If I’d been in their shoes, I may have decided to cry too…

Then came the talent portion. Most of the kids sang a song, either moving their lips inaudibly over blasting techno or following along with the accordionist. One group decided to dance. The two older girls had performed a “hip hop” number last night, so I saved my dying camera battery for their performance. But then, this happened…

After the second rendition of the latest techno song about summer, I decided to pack up and head home before the sun set. Unfortunately, that leaves me in the dark about my most pressing question….

No, not who won. How will this talent show, which is destined to continue for several more hours, function in total darkness?

2 responses to “Rain of Stars

  1. Just in case you are wondering… I’ll write more about the summer camp soon. I just had to get this story out there!

  2. I guess, when you are 12, there are some hurts that only a hug from the cute guy counselor can heal…

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